GHK peptide for sale


What Is ghk peptide (Pal-GHK)?


Nowadays apart from other variants of organic items, peptides have been largely popular in anti-aging products. Several peptides are being used as ingredients. PAL-GHK 10MG is one of them. PAL-GHK is the abbreviated form of Palmitoyl Oligopeptide. It is a peptide formed by three amino acids. This peptide mainly contains GHK which is a mixture of glycine-histidine-lysine.


Pal-GHK peptide for sale


If you need this peptide for your research purpose, you can get them at the most trusted online source at Giant Lab. They are available in vials of 10Mg at the online store. Buying PAL-GHK 10MG as a peptide is now a hassle-free process with Giant Lab.


At resent much research has been going on around this product hence this is much demanded among several scientists all over the world. Giant Lab can deliver this peptide to you wherever you are. Whether you are in the United States or at international borders, deliveries are made to your doorstep. However currently products are delivered for only research and/or manufacturing purposes. Direct human intake of this peptide without prescription is prohibited. PAL-GHK 10MG and other peptides which exist naturally are now being synthesized by several cosmetic manufacturing companies. So you should be sure of the product you are purchasing in the market. A proper research work can only be carried out with pure and not synthesized work. Giant Lab only produces and sells the purest form of peptides which is why it has been trusted over the years by so many consumers around the world.

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