Peptides for Dogs

Collagen is the major structural protein found in your dog’s body. It’s what makes up your pet’s skin and connective tissues including its joints, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. A dog’s coat, nails, teeth, and bones are strengthened by the substance. As your pet ages, however, collagen production decreases causing issues with bones and joints as well as producing lackluster fur and drier skin. Supplementing your pet’s diet ensures that he or she gets the vitamins and nutrients needed to remain active and healthy.


Collagen peptides promote mobility in dogs. Once it’s been added to your pet’s diet, you’ll notice a difference. His or her coat will shine, and they’ll be able to get around and do the things they did when they were younger.

They’ll eat better than they did before because it promotes a healthy appetite. Collagen peptides assist by healing digestive systems thanks to its high glycine content. The amino acid makes digesting food easier for dogs, especially older dogs who no longer chew as well as they did when they were young.

If you want your dog to look and feel as great as they did as a pup, collagen peptides are the answer!

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