Giant Lab Review from customers.

From HCU forum:

Yates84: I grabbed a few of the 99% hgh kits from giant so decided to do a little review. So far the ordering process was easy and I received my order 2 days after sending funds. Cannot complain about that! I have been using pharma genotropin pens at 2.5iu a day but am going to make the switch to these black tops and see how they compare. Will shoot 10iu and go get blood drawn as well as soon as I get a chance. To be continued….

So far I cannot tell any difference between the pharma pens I was on and these black tops from giant. Same deep sleep and same instant recovery from gym sessions. wake up with my hands tingling as well. Still only using 2.5iu a day on these. So far I am very pleased! Will get off my ass and get bloodwork done here soon.

Dizzle: Hey Fellas, first time ordering from Giant
And everything was on point! 5 out of 5 stars from me. Initial communication, answering questions, etc. Very easy to work & very pleased with turn around time !! Thanks to the HU for quality vendors & shoutout to Giant for doing good business!!

Giant Lab Review

Reviews of product quality, service and shipping from forum customers Giant Lab Profile Giant is an online store which offers global customers with all kinds of generic peptides, research…

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