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What is ACE-031?

ACE-031 is a protein therapy. Proteins in the body that act as switches regulate to muscle growth. The drug contains a recombinant fusion protein produced by binding part of a human actriib receptor to a part of a human antibody.

Muscles may become stronger when drugs work by reducing the shut down signal that stops muscle production. The drug by inhibiting a decoy receptors to strengthen muscles, so as to enhance the muscle strength, this kind of decoy receptors in actin can combine with active type Ⅱ receptor (actriib) before and actin.

SynomymS: Activin Receptor Type-2B, Activin Receptor Type IIB, ACTR-IIB, ACVR2B


Research on myostatin inhibitor ACE-031

Injectable ACE-031 – an underground example is shown above – is a synthetic activin receptor type IIB. Muscle cells have this receptor too: it’s intended for proteins like myostatin, GDF11 and activin A and B. If myostatin attaches itself to an activin receptor type IIB, then the growth of muscle fibres is inhibited. Under the ‘right’ conditions myostatin actually breaks down muscle.

If you inject ACE-031 this doesn’t happen at all. The synthetic activin receptor type IIB filters out the muscle inhibiting proteins and deactivates them.

In 2007, Acceleron Pharma’s expectations for the ACE 031 remained high. At the time, the company conducted only animal research to support them. But in 2013, they published the results of a human study in which 48 healthy women ages 45 to 75 received a single injection containing 0.02,0.05,0.1,0.3,1 or 3 milligrams of ACE 031 per kilogram of body weight. The substance circulates in the body for several weeks with a half-life of 10-15 days.

But a single injection does cause muscle growth.A dose of 3 mg/kg resulted in a 5% increase in muscle volume, which resulted in a 3% increase in lean body weight [just over 1 kg], and also appeared to reduce fat mass

The injection reduced leptin levels and increased adiponectin levels.This suggests that ACE-031 breaks down fat mass.

In addition, myostatin inhibitors increased the concentration of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase [BSAP] in the blood and decreased the concentration of c-terminal type 1 collagene-terminating peptide [CTX].This suggests that ACE-031 can strengthen bones.Acceleron demonstrated these effects in animal studies using rap-031 (a mouse variant of ac-031).

Ace-031, also known as ACVR2B, is a soluble form of the activin IIB receptor, an inhibitor of myostatin and other naturally occurring proteins that limit muscle growth.The compound is genetically studied to bind to myostatin before it can bind to myostatin, which blocks muscle growth.The two biopharmaceutical companies working on the compound are Acceleron and Shire.

Human studies

In one human study, overweight women were given a single dose of 250 mg Ace 031. As a result, after a month, their thigh muscles had grown by more than a pound.What’s more, their lean weight increased by 3%, which is a good result.

However, in another study of young boys with muscular dystrophy, subjects ended up with bleeding gums and a nose.Unfortunately, Shire and Acceleron eventually abandoned their partnership, which has taken no further steps since 2013.Since then, you can find that Ace 031 is sold as a research chemical on various websites, but no trustworthy brand has yet sold it.

In the different studies conducted, subjects experienced a decrease in leptin levels and an increase in adiponectin, a “good fat” hormone.So maybe Ace 031 does help you lose weight.Another study showed an increase in alkaline phosphatase and a decrease in collagene-terminating peptides in the blood.This could mean it also helps strengthen bones.

Ace-031 has a half – life of 10-15 days.

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