BPC-157 peptides benefits

BPC-157 is a pentadecapeptide found in human gastric juice, it has a composition of 15 amino acids: Gly-Glu-Pro-Pro-Pro-Gly-Lys-Pro-Ala-Asp-Asp-Ala-Gly-Leu-Va. BPC-157 is a protein booster which was initially made to help with inflammatory bowel disease as well as gastric ulcers. However, with consistent researches and studies, it has been proved that the benefits of BPC-157 peptide are not limited. It has been discovered that BPC-157 plays a significant role when it comes to healing various wounds suffered by the body but mostly it has shown noticeable results in healing tendon. There’s enough evidence to confirm that it has a positive effect on angiogenesis growth factors. Angiogenesis refers to the process through which blood vessels are developed in the body and it plays an important role in healing damaged tissue.

In addition, BPC157 peptide may also called PL 14736, PL 10, and PLD-116. BPC 157 is one of many peptides available on the supplement market. So far, only rodent studies have been conducted on BPC-157 and they all agreed on one thing; BPC-157  has powerful protective properties that encompass other areas of the body besides the stomach. Research data shows that BPC-157 can help heal ulcers, intestinal damage, joint, and bone damage, as well as treat a number of inflammatory disorders. It has even been shown to heal damaged organs and influence the brain. In certain research studies where BPC-157 was administered to poisoned or surgically damaged rats, the peptide was shown to have incredibly protective properties.

Furthermore, research on BPC-15 peptide(137525-51-0) has been on-going since 1991 and results thereof indicate that the peptide has the ability to repair damaged teeth, bones, muscles, tendons, and even intestines. This data is based on in-vitro lab tests as well as in-vivo studies conducted on both rodents and humans. Some of the human trials involved injecting the peptide under the skin (subcutaneously) and into the muscles (intramuscularly).

From the above mentioned studies, it all indicated that BPC-157 peptides works great when it comes to fast-tracking wound healing. Through its positive interaction with the Nitric Oxide (NO) system, BPC-157 helps heal wounds by building up the blood vessels and protecting the endothelial tissue. It also promotes gene expression while specifically targeting genes that are responsible for collagen formation, generation of growth factor and cytokine. These positive effects have been observed even in conditions that had reached advanced stages.

You can find more information about BPC-157 peptides benefits on a professional US made Peptide online store: Giant Lab. Produced from above 99% pure raw powder, BPC-157 peptide is top quality sold by Giant Lab. Giant Lab is a famous and with more than 5 years experience of peptides promotion legit-able company. With headquarter based in USA, New York, Giant Lab guarantee shipping for every single order. However, THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED AS A RESEARCH PEPTIDE ONLY. This designation allows the use of research peptides strictly for in vitro testing and laboratory experimentation only.

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