Collagen Peptides Benefits

External use of collagen peptides:

  1. Collagen peptides are used in skin care products:

Small molecule collagen peptide as an effective cosmetic raw material. It can moisturize the skin and give it a smooth feeling, so it is called “the bone in the bone, the skin in the skin, the meat in the meat”. It can be said that it is a strong backing of the dermis, and its effect on the skin is self-evident. Collagen peptides are added to skin care cosmetics, such as lotions and essences, which have good compatibility with other raw materials, and have good synergistic effect, achieving water-holding and repairing effects.

  1. Collagen peptidesare used in hair care products:

After shampooing, apply 2-3 g of peptide powder to the conditioner after applying the conditioner. After mixing the palms, apply evenly on the hair, massage for about 3 minutes, and rinse off. After long-term use, the hair is found to be smooth, supple, and less prone to static electricity.

  1. Collagen peptide for wound healing:

Collagen peptide can promote the synthesis of collagen, shorten the inflammatory reaction during wound healing, promote blood vessel regeneration, increase local oxygen supply, and accelerate wound healing. If the skin has a small range of trauma, apply pure peptide powder directly to the affected area. Peptide water can also be used to wash the wound, which promotes wound healing and is not easy to leave scars.

Oral effect of collagen peptides:

  1. Bodybuilding skin:

Collagen is the main component that maintains the elasticity of the skin and muscles. It forms a tight elastic net in the skin, locks in moisture, supports the skin like a stent, and makes the skin full of elasticity, moisturizing, delicate and smooth.

  1. Hairdressing and bright nails:

Hair is very sensitive to high heat or alkaline substances. It is necessary for hairdressing or work. People often blow, perm, and dye hair. This will damage the collagen in the hair, causing bifurcation, breakage and even hair loss. Therefore, collagen peptides should be replenished at the right time. It can provide enough nutrients for the scalp subcutaneous tissue to regenerate and nourish the hair, making the damaged hair soft and moving. At the same time, collagen has moisturizing properties, which makes the hair full of elasticity.

Nail is a barometer of human health. Normal nails should be rosy, tough and curved, smooth and shiny. Nail also needs careful care. Frequent supplementation of collagen peptides will make your nails healthy and shiny, and increase the toughness of your nails.

  1. Tough bone:

Collagen is an effective carrier of calcium that binds calcium to bone cells. When skeletal is generated, it is first necessary to synthesize sufficient collagen fibers to form the “framework” of the bone. Therefore, some people call collagen “the bones in the bones”, and as an effective carrier of calcium, it can prevent osteoporosis caused by bone loss.

  1. Breast enhancement:

The breast is mainly composed of connective tissue and adipose tissue, and the tall and plump breasts rely on the support of connective tissue. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue, and it is a network structure interwoven with glycoproteins. It produces a certain mechanical strength, supports the human body curve, and reflects the tall and straight posture.


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