DSIP Peptide

What is DSIP (Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide) ?

Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide (DSIP) is a short peptide of natural origin. It gains its name from its ability to cause sleep in rabbits and from the fact that it was first isolated in 1977 from the brains of rats during slow-wave sleep. The peptide, however, has a number of physiologic and endocrine roles that are slowly being uncovered as it gains interest among researchers. Right now, it is known that DSIP can alter corticotropin levels, inhibit somatostation secreption. It may also have future applications in cancer treatment, depression, and the prevention of free radical damage.

Sequence: Trp-Ala-Gly-Gly-Asp-Ala-Ser-Gly-Glu

Molecular formula: C35H48N10O15

Molecular Weight: 848.824g/mol

CAS number: 62568-57-4

PubChem CID: 68816

Synonyms: Emideltide, DSIP nonapeptide, Deltaran

More Description about DSIP Peptide:

DSIP stands for Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide and it is a peptide that helps you to reach a deep sleep phase acting on the relevant parts of the brain. Some studies also confirmed the fact that within this deep sleep the human body experiences anabolic processes that are responsible for post-workout muscle recovery and growth hormone levels during this time greatly increases.

It’s is a neuropeptide (small protein-like peptides that are used by neurons in communicating with each other) that induces sleep. DSIP induces the spindle plus delta EEG activity, and it reduces motor activities. The gene of Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide is unknown, making it the only peptide with that characteristic. It’s categorised as an amphiphilic peptide, representing a chemical compound that possesses both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties. The substance has typically been found in the pituitary, limbic system, hypothalamus and in other organs like body and tissue fluid. The peptide is normally found in your pancreas and gut secretory cells.

It is believed that this sleep stage is crucial for many processes in the human body, and directly affects the recovery of energy reserves of the body. DSIP is by nature much friendlier product in comparison with pharmaceutical sleeping pills, which are derived from alien substances to our body. DSIP by its structure is most like natural sleep regulator, which exists in the human body. DSIP helps to cope with the stress in the body as it ensures the normal functioning of serotonin synthesis, maintain a normal level of blood glucose and control NMDA receptors. And this is very important because it has long been known that stress is the most negative pathogenic condition of the nervous system, which leads to various diseases and complications.

The Benefits of DSIP Peptide: 

– eliminates alcohol dependence, helps to reduce the craving for alcohol;

– helps to sleep, helps to normalize sleep;

– significantly reduces the production of the hormone corticotropin, which is a catabolic;

– protects the body from stress;

– it has a powerful antioxidant effect;

– accelerates the secretion of growth hormone and somatoliberina;

– promotes enhanced production of the hormone luteotropin, which stimulates greater production of endogenous testosterone.


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