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Ipamorelin is a peptide often considered to be more friendly than many of the others we will talk about here. “More friendly” basically just means it has fewer side effects and the side effects that are related to ipamorelin aren’t exactly overly adverse.

Ipamorelin is primarily useful in creating more ghrelin in the body. Ghrelin is the hormone that’s produced when the stomach recognizes there is very little in the way of sustenance.  Any empty stomach leads to hunger pangs and rumblings as well as an increase in growth hormone… thanks to ghrelin!

Increased Ghrelin = Increased Growth Hormone

So… Higher levels of ghrelin means elevated growth hormone.  Elevated growth hormone means improved metabolism, resulting in above average fat burn rates.  That’s not the only benefit of elevated growth hormone in humans. Improved recovery after physical exertion is noticed in almost everybody who has improved growth hormone levels. 

Additionally, most people who have increased growth hormone levels are able to get more regular and fulfilling sleep.  As humans age, we struggle to get the same amount of sleep as we were able to get in our youth. Primarily because as we get older, we fail to produce the same amount of growth hormone, or fountain of youth hormone, as we did prior to age 30. 

Ipamorelin Is NOT HGH

Just because ipamorelin can lead to an increase in human growth hormone production does not mean it is as potent as HGH and it shouldn’t be thought of or treated as such. Studies from as far back as 35 years ago have shown that supplementing with human growth hormone can cause high cholesterol and irregularities in bile acid metabolism. More recently, a research study was completed in 2017 showing that elevated rates of growth hormone lead to cardiovascular problems in adult test subjects.

Ipamorelin, on the other hand, has extremely recently been proven to be a safe alternative that doesn’t lead to the same issues.  The rats in the test study were consistently showing to realize the benefits of elevated growth hormone without the aforementioned negative effects we’ve come to expect from straight up growth hormone supplementation.

Where to Get Ipamorelin?

The easiest way to get your ipamorelin supply would be to order it from Giant Lab. Coming in a 2mg bottle that’s manufactured strictly for laboratory research purposes, we have exactly what you’d need in ipamorelin. Should you want to buy larger quantities, in bulk, make sure you’re buying from a vendor with a positive reputation. Don’t be afraid to do some research and look for peer reviews as well as pending law suits.

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